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UV SOl Beads
UV SOl Beads
UV SOl Beads

Beads change color in the sun like magic!
We can all use some fun and magic right now!
*Now sold in variety packs of 5 or boxes of 100*


Made in the USA by Adults with disabilities USA
*10% of Sales will go to Nokidhungry and Northwesternsettlement *

UV SOl Beads

  • UV Sol Beads provides a fun, stylish, quality tie-on
  • Made with Ultra Violet detection beads. The beads change to color in the sun when UV Light is present!
  • Empowers kids to know when they might need sun protection!*
  • Watch the magic as they cycle back and forth over 50,000 times!
  • Colored beads means UV light is detected!
  • Bring the most unique favors to the party!
  • Perfect for all outdoor parties, weddings, sports, waterproof!

*Everyone’s skin needs are different. UV Sol Beads is not to be used in place of sun protection, but a fun way to see UV is present.

UV SOL BEADS provides a fun, quality product made with Ultraviolet Light detection beads. The beads on the bracelet change color in the sun to alert the user of exposure to potentially harmful UV rays.

The beads are off-white in the absence of UV light, then the intensity of the color increases with the amount of UV exposure. 

Watch the magic as they cycle back and forth over 50,000 times! 

UV SOl Beads
UV SOl Beads
UV SOl Beads
UV SOl Beads

Contact Us

Trish Swanson UV Sol Beads 1555 Sherman Ave #262 Evanston, IL 60201

Trish Swanson

While teaching science, I used these beads to show my students the magic of science and the power of the sun’s rays. I found students of all ages loved them and wanted to share them with their families!

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Wholesale Information

•  UV Sol Beads is a great product to add to your retail store.
•  We offer a wholesale price of $300 for 100 bracelets.
•  A SRP of $4.99 gives you a great profit margin!