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UV Sol Beads

* Now sold exclusively as a fundraiser or wholesale *

Every day people are growing more aware and concerned of the strength of the UV rays we are receiving from the sun and the damage they are causing to our skin.

UV Sol Beads offers a fun, stylish awareness tool that you can use to raise money for your organization. 

Not only are you raising money, but you are providing an exciting teaching tool for all ages to take better care of their skin.

UV SOL BEADS provides a fun, quality product made with Ultraviolet Light detection beads. The beads on the bracelet change color in the sun to alert the user of exposure to potentially harmful UV rays.

The beads are off-white in the absence of UV light, then the intensity of the color increases with the amount of UV exposure. 

Watch the magic as they cycle back and forth over 50,000 times! 

Put the Soul Back into Fundraising

As a teacher with 20 years of experience, I know about fundraising and what students and teachers like. This is a brand new fundraising item, so you can be the first in your area to sell this innovative product for a fundraiser.  

UV Sol Beads offers a fun, unique fundraising option for your school, club or organization. If you need a fast, low maintenance way to RAISE $1,000 OR MORE, we have the perfect solution!


•   Each order consists of a box of 100 UV Sol Beads bracelets, in  a variety of designs.

•   You pay only $220 per box;  this includes shipping and handling.

•   UV Sol Beads are sent to you via Priority Mail:  2-5 business days

•    You sell the bracelets for $5 each (or more!!)  

•   TIP: Be creative! Sell them at events, school stores, ballgames, plays & more!

•   When you run out, you can order more of a variety, or 
     you can take orders for individual styles.  These are mailed out
     within 1-2 days via Priority Mail.

•   For more information about fundraising, please Contact Us.

Wholesale Information

•  UV Sol Beads is a great product to add to your retail store.
•  We offer a wholesale price of $220 for 100 bracelets.
•  A SRP of $4.99 gives you a great profit margin!

UV Sol Beads
51 North 28th Street
Richmond, IN  47374


Thanks for contacting us!